Best of the West: Regional investments in trains "As the U.S. looks to expand alternative forms of transportation, passenger rail is making a comeback. Currently, 30% of Americans don’t drive for reasons including a disability, age, legal restrictions, or income."

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Returning Passenger Trains to a Station Near You: Why and How
2022 Train Trek in Gresham, Oregon

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Get a head start on All Aboard August! Events to make a better rail network in the coming soon! And don't forget, early bird rates for the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Summit in Billings close today.

One month to go before we start our Train Trek! We'll visit communities throughout the Greater Northwest to discuss the benefits of rail. Donate today!

Happy that the Yakama Nation will be presenting at the Passenger Rail Summit.

WSDOT and ODOT are pleased to share that train service between Seattle and Vancouver, BC now will resume in September 2022. Earlier plans called for a December return to Canada, but Amtrak was able to advance the schedule. Stay tuned for further details. We’ll share more info as soon as it’s available.

Be a stop on AANW’s Train Trek! We're traveling again, to lead discussions on the benefits of rail with communities around the region. This year's Train Trek theme is "How to Revive Passenger Rail." We'll be available in August to hold in person, remote, or hybrid meetings. Would you like us to visit your town? Help and donate at

Rail chat at! Discussing a vision for a comprehensive, long-distance, passenger and freight rail network, with seamless connections to other modes of transportation, to create economic, environmental and equity benefits.