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"All Aboard Northwest is…advocating for expanding passenger rail service to underserved or unserved communities in the Pacific Northwest, the Mountain West, and the Midwest. Formally launched earlier this year, it’s involved in lobbying efforts, community engagement and education…on how passenger access would affect communities."

"Included in the interchange design is the extension of TriMet’s MAX Yellow Line from the Expo Center, which will cross North Portland Harbor on a separate structure and along Interstate 5."

"Environmental activists argue that the additional lanes on the [I-5] bridge will only increase car capacity [and] greenhouse gas emissions…Over 20 environmental groups from both sides of the river formed a coalition called the Just Crossing Alliance to act as an environmental watchdog for the Interstate bridge project." All Aboard NW is pleased to join the alliance.

"Train travel is often more comfortable and less stressful than air travel. Prices, comfort levels and train trips themselves vary greatly…but chances are there’s a train trip to fit your vacation budget and needs."

"With three remaining seats on the Amtrak Board still awaiting nominations and two of the five nominees displaying no clear affiliation with, or advocacy for, portions of Amtrak’s service running outside the Northeast, the Rail Passengers Association today repeated its call for a clearer picture of these nominees’ vision for Amtrak’s national network."

'Minnesota’s state Senate has blocked efforts to launch passenger rail service between the Twin Cities and Duluth, passing a budget amendment by a senator who said the idea was “like asking us to spend money on buggy whips.”'

"ORCA transit users across the Puget Sound region will have access to a new and improved website and smartphone app that will incorporate real-time value loading on their ORCA cards, beginning on May 16, or Love A Tree Day."

"A new study finds that many transit boardmembers are not representative of their constituents who ride bus, subway or rail. Too often members are old, white and male and don’t use transit much or at all."

'And while there has been discussion and studies about resuming passenger rail service to Yakima, Toppenish and other areas of south-central Washington, Cooper said it faces numerous obstacles.

“Passenger train service would be a nice option to add, but it would have to be competitive with the cost of families taking their own vehicle,” Cooper said. “We would need inter-modal options for visitors once they get off the train.”''

"Replacing gas and diesel fueled cars, trucks, buses and ferries will take time and will be costly.…The goal should be innovative, achievable and reliable solutions."

"Under reforms required in the Surface Transportation Investment Act reauthorization, the board is required to include at least two members each from Northeast Corridor, state-supported, and long-distance routes…Of the five nominees, only Koos is from outside of the Northeast."

"But last week a band of residents from across Texas descended upon the state’s department of transportation (DoT) to voice fury over new highway expansions that are set to displace thousands of people and raze hundreds of businesses, schools and churches."

"We can’t fix European wars or worldwide inflation. But we can keep our representatives committed to giving us all the rail service we fought for and deserve."

"The romance of train travel is an anachronism that climate activists are keen to revive, but it’s a tough sell. In the US, the national train network is slow, patchy and underfunded."

"We’re still decades away from regional high-speed rail (HSR), and even further from connecting it to other states, but Move Ahead Washington sets aside a modest chunk of change to create a new HSR proposal over the next five years, potentially connecting Portland up to Seattle and on to Vancouver, BC. "

"Sound Transit showcased the first of five light rail trains for the extension on Tuesday, which is set to run from St. Joseph’s Hospital to the Tacoma Dome. The state-of-the-art trains can carry up to 100 people and are accessible for those with bikes and wheelchairs.The extension is expected to open by the first quarter of 2023, and agency officials say they are confident they will meet that deadline."

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